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Welcome to miso-baby's evil lair/art dump, where you can find a bunch of miso doodles and some amazing reblogs of friends art! I'm just a hopeless romantic that lives in a world of fluffies and sunshines.(◕‿◕✿)♥

Playing with this cute lil app called FaceQ T 7 T <3

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To this day, this is still unresolved between me and my friends. These are the kind of arguments we have.

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Heal up, doll

thanks ara lovely~ u///u /SMOOCHES

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kjdfnvd THANKS MAMA ////


LMAO IM OKAY HAJIBBU NO WORRY im actually feeling great o v ob//PETS

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Piano Song • Meiko

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I don&#8217;t know why they say &#8220;long hair, don&#8217;t care&#8221;&#8212; When you have long hair, YOU KINDA HAVE TO CARE.

I don’t know why they say “long hair, don’t care”— When you have long hair, YOU KINDA HAVE TO CARE.

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Throwback Thursday! MAJK 2010-2014

Five years and counting! * v *

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